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queen of all kings
by frenk lebel

she's like the queen of all kings
she's like the king of all queens
she's like a monument after all

she's like the sweetest of dreams
but sweet is not what it seams
she's like a rise within a fall

if you want to know
-i want to know
what a rose is about
-tell me what is it about
forget all you've learned
-all that i've learned
all you have been tought
-i forgot
now take it, it's here
-out there is near
without hope without fear to be within and without

darling don't be too sure
- of this i'm sure
except of what you are sure
-i know there's so much more
life hold's a surprise
-hold's a surprise
sometimes changes move fast
- move real fast
you may be pricked by a thorn
-shed drops of blood
you might wither away, still, love itself forever lasts